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La Maison Bineau is a Parisian concept store dedicated exclusively to interior design.

Founded in 1978, La Maison Bineau is a place of inspiration and creation.

It has been conceived as a department store with a large selection of interior design brands as well as its own. Along with more than 100,000 references and a wide range of products: fabrics, paint, wallpaper, floor coverings (wooden floors, carpeting…), rugs, furniture, vintage department, you will have access to a multitude of services, such as your personal advisor.

Our advisors are working very closely with our artisans to have your home décor come to life.

Advisory, conception, management and execution of the design and every step of your project are being taken care of by La Maison Bineau experts’ team. Everything you need is in one place and if you ever need to meet with your clients we have dedicated working areas in our showroom where you can discuss your projects and select your references together.

La Maison Bineau has also created a department dedicated to professionals. It offers customized services (which includes made-to-measure and tailor-made) to interior designers, architects, companies’ headquarters, design offices, developers, and home staging companies.

La Maison Bineau is a Paris based company which can operate all over the world for special projects. 

A place of inspiration and creation